Investment Process

  • Developed around our clients, our strategies place investment stability, transparency and ultimately success at the heart of our process. When creating and applying a plan, Tri-Sun Management incorporates potential risks, client comfort and prospective future opportunities into the formula to protect our clients’ long-term ability to generate returns from capital.

    In developing a practical and individualized investment plan for our clients, our personal advisors will collaborate with our analytical researchers to identify prospects within the parameters of your requirements and personal financial circumstances.

With access to pre-IPO investments and innovative market modeling, we work to identify potential opportunities before they are exposed to market actors, providing our clients with prime investment prospects before they have developed.

The process of investment begins for our clients with their personal advisor, who, with information and analysis from our research department, establishes the viability of an investment’s potential in conjunction with the requirements of the client. Considering the acceptable risk level for the client and potential returns from the investment forms the basis of our approach, ensuring that the client is informed and comfortable with the option.

Upon completion of the investment process, your personal advisor consistently monitors and maintains the investment, working with you to assess its performance and possible opportunities within the investment. Our advisors will constantly monitor the market to identify any possible circumstance which may affect the investment’s performance, and will liaise with you to discuss any decision regarding the future of the investment.

During the strategic planning stage of the investment process, we establish an exit strategy within a timeframe typically from six to twenty-four months, taking into account risk and potential gains, whilst also evaluating possible extensions and expansion of the investment should we be satisfied with the current performance of the market and investment.


    At Tri-Sun Management, our success has been based upon rigorous risk assessments to protect capital, whilst seeking to maximize its efficiency. Our research and analysis, coupled with our subsequent cutting-edge market modeling, allows us to ensure our clients’ peace of mind when trusting Tri-Sun Management with their finances.

    Our portfolio management and diversification methods also place Tri-Sun Management in a position to provide clients with significant reduction of risk to the overall health of their assets and portfolio.

    Our advisors integrate specific client requirements and acceptable risk with available investment options. At Tri-Sun Management, we seek to offer clients solutions whilst developing a high investment performance. This involves our advisors planning a strategy that safeguards your initial capital investment; our advisors compile from our market strategists and matches client specifications and requirements with opportunities.

    At Tri-Sun Management, we incentivize our advisors with internal reward programs to provide clients with a high-quality service which delivers results, inspiring them to assist clients in attaining their financial goals.


    When formulating a strategy for asset management, it is important to seek professional, trustworthy and impartial guidance. Tri-Sun Management’s asset consultancy team provides specified assessments of clients’ assets, with our approach geared towards improving efficiency and improving long-term development.

    At Tri-Sun Management, we offer clients precise and clear advice enabling you to make an informed decision. Developing a strategy built around your financial objectives, our asset consultants identify investment vehicles for assets and deliver expert advice on investment opportunities and management.

    We understand that asset management is much more than maintaining performance. With our consultants, clients can explore long-term opportunities to improve an asset’s efficiency and alternative methods to create sustainability and reliability. Covering issues from cost reduction to overall stability of returns, we help you to develop a strategy, evaluate your investment and asset structure, and address key areas of concern.

    Our consultancy specialists employ detailed statistical and qualitative analysis on clients’ asset performance, identifying areas which need attention and offering professional advice on how to reach financial objectives. At Tri-Sun Management, we understand that individuals have different requirements, objectives and constraints, and with our personalized advisors offering undivided focus on your unique financial position, we guarantee to offer a solution to your concerns.


    Raising and cultivating capital for ventures such as starting a business can be a daunting prospect; how and where to begin and how to maintain a reliable source of income are perhaps the most pressing concerns. However, with Tri-Sun Management, we offer clients detailed expert guidance to enable you to select the right option to fund your startup and realize your goal.

    In today’s market, with the proliferation of investment opportunities in regional markets, it can be an intimidating prospect to secure the funding you need to begin your venture. With the guidance of Tri-Sun Management, we will explore how to secure funding from venture capitalists/funds.

    With market volatility in regional markets producing economic repercussions all over the globe due to increasing interconnectivity and globalization, venture capitalists/funds are increasingly scrutinizing where they put their money more than ever before.

    With Tri-Sun Management’s assistance, clients will be able to evaluate the right option to secure the necessary funds for beginning their journey into the business world. Here we will explain what the process in securing funding from venture capitalists/funds entails.