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Blackjack rules: play the most popular card game and win easier

blackjack rules

Blackjack is the most popular game of chance where all gamblers play against the dealer. Both cards of the dealer are visible to the players at the very beginning, so they can assess their winning chances. Let’s explain simple blackjack rules in a more detailed review.

Blackjack Card Game Rules for Dealer

There are several actions available in blackjack (depending on the cards and the type of blackjack), each of which affects the final result:

  • Take a card (hit, more) – by this action, you ask for an additional card. The cards are dealt with one at a time. Remember that if you score more than 21 points, you will lose.
  • Stand – if you have scored 21 points or less, but do not want to take additional cards, so as not to score more than 21 points (not to overdo it), you can stop.
  • Split – if you received two equal cards (king and queen, two eights, etc.), you can make an additional bet (equal to the initial one), thereby creating a second hand.
  • Double down – you can make an extra bet equal to the initial one. You will automatically be dealt one card.
  • Refusal to play (surrender) – in some types of blackjack, you can refuse to play further and get half your bet back.
  • Insurance – if the dealer’s first card is an ace, you can take advantage of insurance. That means that you can bet half the initial bet and get a 2 to 1 win if the dealer has a blackjack. And If the dealer does not have blackjack, you will be drawn.

Blackjack interest in the application of different strategies of the game. But every beginner must first master the basic blackjack card game rules to get into the serious money game.

Basic Rules to Play Blackjack at Canadian Casino

Face value of cards in casino blackjack rules:

  1. From 2 to 10 – gives the number points equal to the cards face value;
  2. Queen, King, Jack – equal to 10 points;
  3. Ace – can equal either 1 or 11. The face value is chosen by the person, which totally depends on other cards in his hand.

Soft hand. Separately, we should talk about the Ace. If a gambler has this card in his hand, he can choose what face value it will have – 11 or 1. The hand is soft when this is 17 points, and when the Ace is 11 and there is a six.

Hard hand. A combination is called hard when a player has a six and a ten and what an Ace (1 point) is dealt with him.

Blackjack Betting. A gambler can bet on one or even more boxes. The bet cannot be less than the established limit by Canadian casinos and more than 100,000 game points.

The game uses 6 decks at once, and they contain 52 cards each. In a real Canadian casino, the dealer shuffles all six decks to form one big deck. A big deck is shifted by the player. After that, it is placed in the special distribution box. When the whole deck is out, a new deck is used in the box.

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