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How to play roulette and which strategies to use to always win at an online casino

online roulette how to play

It’s important to have a clear understanding of how to play roulette if you decided to try your luck in this unpredictable game. There are many ways in the time of the Internet to get free practice and study all the features of a gambling game without spending your own money. Roulette is really thrilling and addictive and very often it can make you lose the sense of control over your budget, so it would be very useful for every beginner to first get acquainted with the main rules of roulette, its types, odds, and different strategies and tricks that will help you to avoid the mistakes on your gameplay and to improve your chances to win some big amounts of money.

Best working strategies to win all the time in roulette

A good strategy on how to play roulette and win all the time is the best you can do to control your outcome at least a little bit. Every gambler who ever tried to win in roulette knows that this game is very tricky even though the rules are very simple. All the players have to do is to guess the right number, color, odd/even, or combination, all the rest doesn’t depend on them anymore. You also have to remember that the roulette game has its own few variations which differ in some features. But the most popular and relatively profitable is the European version of roulette as it doesn’t have the additional sector as the American one, so gives more chances to win. Doesn’t matter which variation you will want to play, you definitely need to take a look at the best roulette strategies presented below:

  1. The Martingale Strategy – means to place bets either only on red or only on black. At the same time, after each loss, to double the bet until a win occurs. Then to bet on a different color and follow the same principle;
  2. The Cuban Betting Strategy – uses the principle of uneven distribution of red and black sectors over the field. To receive a win, you must make two identical bets either on black and the 1st column or on the red and 2nd column;
  3. The Biarritz Strategy – is very simple and all is necessary to do is to choose one number and place bets on it 36 times;
  4. The Lucky Seven – the main task is to win 7 times in a row. In case of a win, to increase the size of the bet by 50% and in case of a loss, to leave the bet unchanged.

As you’ve chosen your how to play roulette strategy, just try to practice it in a free mode as much as possible to keep it in your mind. But be ready that none of these tactics can guarantee you big winnings unless you are a very lucky person.

Roulette machines at online casinos

Many of the gamblers who already learned how to play roulette, want to try some other new versions of the game and get a special experience. It’s pretty possible because if you are tired of the traditional one, you can enjoy a roulette machine. Some prove that it really looks like a simple slot machine but with some specific features as the two separate screens, the first one shows the wheel and the second shows the results. You should not get confused, as even a beginner will be able to understand its easy gameplay, just follow the steps below:

  • Determine the amount of money you want to spend on the game;
  • Place a bet on any sector available and click to spin the wheel;
  • After the ball stop, check the results and in case of a win, take your money.

Mostly, this kind of roulette was used for fun and relaxation, but there are still many of those who would like to make money. If you are one of them, then come back to the main strategies of how to play roulette at casino and try your luck and experience to win big.

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