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Pop Slots free coins: top tips how to get chips online and use to get profit

Pop Slots free coins: how to get them in the casino?

Pop Slots is a social casino operated by Play Studios. It offers gamblers free gaming and a wide range of real-time rewards. This guide is aimed to help you get Pop Slots free coins to play your favorite games.

What are top Pop Slots free coins sources?

The first thing to mention here is that the casino supports only mobile devices on Android and iOS, so you’ll have to install an appropriate app to get Pop Slots free coins. There are a few ways to add new Pop Slots free chips to your account:

  1. Go to the official website on your mobile device. Click on a special link to collect chips. Choose “PLAY” in the window that will appear. The app will load then. The last step is to click on “COLLECT” button.
  2. Get Time Bonus. It’s renewed every 2 hours, so you can obtain lots of coins during the day.
  3. Use Daily Bonus. This is one of the easiest way to top up your account balance, which encourages users to visit the app every day.
  4. Play in Tournaments. If you participate, you’ll receive chips even if you won’t be a winner. Moreover, loyalty points will be awarded to you.
  5. Use email links that you’ll get from the casino on regular basis.
  6. Win Pop Slots free coins by collecting Communal Bonus Balloons. Just pop the balloons that will appear during the game.

It’s highly recommended to link your account to Facebook to be sure all your progress is saved and to receive more prizes.

There is also one more way to obtain Pop Slots free coins, which is to use Pop Slots free hack tools. Though they may work, it’s illegal and may be harmful for your device and privacy, so you’d better not use them.

How to play in the casino app?

The app has a few virtual casinos to choose from, which are counterparts of real Vegas casinos. The full list includes:

  • Luxor;
  • MGM Grand;
  • Excalibur;
  • Bellagio;
  • New York New York;
  • Mandalay Bay;
  • Circus Circus;
  • The Mirage.

Each casino has several games available. So, first you select the casino and then the game you’ll play. Note that only MGM Grand is available for new gamblers. The more you play and the better your loyalty points progress is, the more casinos become available.

How to get real rewards?

You should know that there is no way to get real money from Pop Slots free coins, cause these casino slots coins are used only for gaming. At the same time, you’ll get rewards for loyalty points you receive. The best thing about it is that all the prizes are not something you’ll use online, but real services and discounts in land-based Vegas casinos. It includes hotel rooms, tickets, food and drinks in cafes etc.

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